How to become an All-Star

All-star leaderEach sport recognizes its highest achievers as all-stars. If you surround yourself with all-stars you will become an all-star. In every facet of your business you’ll want to deal with stars- people who can get results without the star treatment. Make your organization one that cultivates all-stars.

Give Recognition

You should recognize all-star customers, all-star-coworkers, all-star suppliers, all-star employees and all-star bosses. Do you appreciate how quickly a co-worker turned around your request? Say so in specific terms, not just a “good job”. Action Step: Get into the habit of giving deserved praise. You can even give recognition to JewCentral so we will continue to provide you with quality articles.

Get recognition

You’ll notice that you do your best work when you are properly motivated. Cultivate recognition from the people you deal with so that you can get the moral boost you need and really know if you are truly doing good work.

Don’t accept failure

JewCentral recently detailed how a reader almost left us. Because we didn’t let the reader just leave, we were able to learn from our mistakes.

Accept Failure

There comes a time in a project when it isn’t worth it to continue- make an honest assessment to see if it’s best to just walk away. Use the economic concept of sunk cost when making your evaluation. The sunk cost is what you already spent (time, effort, etc) in reaching your current point. For example if you are launching a new product and you estimate you’ll earn $1000 from it and you’ve already spent $900 developing it. You should continue the project as long as the new cost is less than $1000. The $900 is a sunk cost, so if you spend $200 developing it to completion it will earn you $700.

Listen to Others

Get an objective opinion from a trusted third party when you are facing a tough decision. Someone doesn’t have an emotional stake in the decision can often make an informed decision.

Don’t Listen to Others

When people give you unsolicited advice like “you can’t succeed”, don’t listen to them. First evaluate what they are saying. Are they giving you a reason? Is the reason valid? Can you overcome the reason? Then evaluate who is saying it. For example your critic may not have your talents or insights, your work ethic or they may be too scared to try a venture or project like yours.

In life you will receive mixed messages. With practice you’ll learn which messages to pay attention to and which ones you shouldn’t. Once you make your decision give your full effort into it and don’t look back (till the project is over so you can learn from your efforts). Look forward and constantly evaluate what you can be doing better.

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