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Jewish Dating Review has the inside scoop on Jewish Dating World a Jewish dating site that targets daters around the world who want love or a friend/penpal.

1) How many Jewish members do you have?
The number of members listed in my web site is 960 members.

2) What religious affiliations do you cater to? (e.g. orthodox, reform, Chasidic)
The religious that can be found in the site is all types of Jewish affiliations. Orthodox, Conservative, Conservadox, Hassidic, Modern Orthodox, Reform, Secular, Traditional.

3) What is your price and trial offer?

There is no price and no trial period, the membership in my web site and the contact amongs the members is free of charge. This service I provide complementary since my goal is to gather all jewish sigles from all around the world, to joing together for friendship, love and all they wishes for.

4) Features offered: chat etc.
Features offeredon Jewish Dating World are: Chat option, Free Contact, Guest book for each listed member, Option to attach a video clip and voice, Members pictures, and free virtual kiss that members can send to other members.

5) Service type: member contacts the person they’re interested in, matchmaker contacts
The service type offered is same as featured offered. A registered member can contact another member he is interested in. the contact is free, a member can upload pictures, video clips, send virtual kiss to another member and chat online with others.

6) What is the age range of your typical members?
The range of my member from 18-99. the majority of the members ranges from thier late twenties till middle forties.

7) How many Jewish couples have you matched up?
By statistical reports and reviews from the listed members, i have managed to match up around 40 couples and i have 2 marriages.

8) What makes your service unique?
Not only that the servce is offered complimentary, the web site is unique by gathring many jewish members from all arounds the world, not only from the U.S, people can find members from china through US. Many Jews not only can find thier love match, they can also find their friend/penpal for life. They can chat online togther with other members, they can upload not only pictures as well short video that can describe who they are in their “natural” environment and this makes impression on all other members. So
in my web site the love can cross many borders and reach many Jews all over the world, and this can be seen by the name i have given to my web site.

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