Jewish Dating Online: The Final Frontier

Like many people, when I was small, I had a beautiful fantasy about dating and marriage. Basically, everyone goes into their twenties single. By the time thirty roles around they have all magically found their perfect soul mates and they live happily ever after. At one point or another most of us finally do come to the difficult truth. Meeting that special someone is tough! Sure, your mother knows the perfect person: nice, well educated, good looking, honest…or so she thinks. But even in the odd case where all of these things are true, will you really click on a deep and profound level and spend the rest of your lives together in joy and bliss? I also never considered that people can get divorced or widowed and that they often desire to have companionship. These people are just as single as the twenty year olds.

As Web Director for a new Jewish singles site called, I see that more and more people are now turning to the Internet as a way of meeting potential partners. Our members range from 18 to mid eighties with the majority over 30.

What makes it so difficult to meet the old-fashioned way? There are several problems that make things difficult for searching Jew. First, many Jewish communities are small and people often can’t their match among the few people around them. On several occasions people tell me that there are no Jews in their community at all. The Internet is the ideal medium to solve this problem. On the other extreme, the community may be so big that different social groups never get the opportunity to interact. Mr. or Ms. Right may be just around the corner but you won’t know unless you branch out. In another scenario, you may have just moved to a big community. Searching for your soulmate in a strange place can be intimidating, but chatting in cyberspace can be an easy way of meeting someone, and can definitely lead to something more serious. Our new Global Village really brings big communities together.

The one thing I’ve truly learned in my job is that while love and romance can sometimes be crazy, things have a way of working out. We had a couple who were originally separated by two hemispheres, the man was from Boston and the woman from Israel, yet they are now happily married. There are also no age limits on the Internet. We had one couple that finally met and fell in love and they are both widowed and in their seventies! Dating has taken unimaginable leaps over the past few years. Given the tremendous benefits the Internet gives to our large, diffuse global Jewish community, I truly believe that in a few years time Internet dating will be the norm.

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