Thou shalt not email at work

Sending personal email using your work email system can seem convenient but it is inefficient and worse- it can get you in trouble… There is a better way.
Employees should never use your email account to send personal correspondense- period! (Read the dangers of emailing your resume from work.) Firstly, you probably wont be able to access it from home. Then when you leave the company your address book and any emails you receive to your work will be lost. Worse than that it may be against your company’s policy. But the most important reason is that your company has the right to snoop in your email! I’m sure you don’t want your boss to read about your personal life or your annoying coworker to find out how you really feel about him. It can be used against you in court…

Fortunately there is a way to solve all these problems- for free, and get some added benefits as well.

Free Email There are numerous free web based email systems that allow you to handle all your mail, from any computer anywhere in the world. Two of the most popular are Yahoo and Hotmail . I recommend that you avoid using the account that comes from your internet service provider because then you’ll be tied into their service and price changes. [Update 6-20-2005- We recommend gmail]

Personal domains You can sign up for your own domain name at an web host and get unlimited emails.

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