Looking for a Job? Let us help

JewCentral.com is trying to help you find your next job. We already maintain a consolidated list of career articles and over 40 Jewish Job sites at Jewish Job Central. Now we are adding an additional idea- have our readers help each other find jobs:

Let people know what you want
Post a message in our forum . Describe what you are looking for and what you can offer. As in any job situation you’ll want to mention what makes you unique (without overly boasting). If you login- you can watch your topic so you get an email automatically when somone replies.

Help others
Whether you have a job or not, browse through the forum and see if you may have a lead for someone. A person only needs one job and even a little lead may help. It’s often quoted that when barren couples pray and help others who don’t have children, g-d helps them have children. The same may be true for jobs. At a simple networking level, it’s certainly true.

We’d love to hear if you are successful through our site.

Good luck!

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