Online Dating- Should I do it?

A common question among friends these days is whether or not singles should try to meet their ideal partner through online dating. The first answer usually comes from the cautious individuals who warn against predators and seemingly demented individuals. Next you have the handful of people who know ‘so and so’ who just got married to the person that they met online. When it is my turn, I always point out that there is no commitment by simply looking and discovering how it all works. What has someone got to lose by setting up a simple profile and seeing what happens?
By definition, online dating is the association of two individuals through the Internet. The idea doesn’t seem all that different from meeting a stranger in a bar or nightclub. Instead of getting dressed up, going out and using your discerning eye to select potential candidates from a crowd of singles gathered for various reasons, you can sit at your computer and put in a basic order for the ideal person. The initial ‘weeding’ is done for you.

First you need to choose from the numerous sites that offer this type of service. Make sure to visit several sites, browse as much as you can without signing up and make an educated decision about which one(s) might suit what you are looking for. Several sites offer many different options as far as what you can advertise you are looking for in a relationship from friendships to something very serious. For some, this range offers a great deal of prospects to choose from. Others would prefer a site that is much more focused on exactly the type of relationship they are looking for.

It’s the next step that is probably going to be the most difficult one. Actually communicating with someone who interests you or who has already let you know that what you have put in your profile interests them. Most sites have a ‘hint’ you can send to let a subscriber know that they have your interest, whether it be a smile, wink or some other cute flirting device. You will probably receive the same back or even a personal message. That’s where you make the decision about whether or not someone interests you enough to proceed. If no one interests you, don’t despair. People create profiles every day and some sites even offer suggestions based on questions asked when you set up your account.

If someone interests you immediately, you will have to make initial contact or respond to his or her inquiry to you. It’s even possible to feel the excitement and flutter in your stomach when you begin contact that you feel when meeting a potential date for the first time!

It’s important to remember to be cautious at first, be yourself, and be aware of potential problems with any person that might contact you and follow your own instincts. But most importantly, be yourself and have fun! It might be different for you, but you are now in charge of your dating life through your computer!

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