The Dollars and Sense of Going Back to school

School BusIt’s back to school season where running in the ball fields is replaced with running for the bus. Here’s some articles to get you back in the swing of school and the money it costs:
Save some moneyFree Back To School (Yeshiva) Book Covers

Give some moneyChesed Dollars- Do Chesed For Yourself, Give Them Away

Cry about your money– Tuition prices got you down? Check out a tuition calculator to see how you’re doing.

Have the government help with your money Don’t Pay Taxes, Pay Yeshiva Tuition: The Tax Break For Paying Yeshiva Tuition

Earn some money Interested in a teacher’s job try The Jewish Teacher Corps . Note that many schools offer discounts to the children of teachers.

Teach About Money– Take the time to teach money lessons to your child 40 Money Management Tips Every Freshmen Should Know.

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