Top 10 Israeli Rally Pickup Lines

With the upcoming Israeli day parade in our sites, here’s how to combine our support for Israel with our pursuit for our bashert using’s Top 10 Israeli Rally Pickup Lines:
10. I want to occupy your territory.

9. I know there’s hope for Israel- because G-d granted my prayers to meet you.

8. I’d give my land for a piece of you

7. Bibi was right- there is no moral equivalency between my asking you out and your refusal to accept!

6. Muslims get 72 virgins after life- I’m just looking for one right now.

5. If I gave you my sign, would you protest?

4. With you, there is certainly “No Double Standard!”

3. Would you like to help plant my own seeds of peace?

2. You rally here often?

1. Forget CNN baby, I’ll give you all the coverage you need

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Written by Steven Schwartzberg & Seth Isenberg of, a Jewish Humor site.

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