Get New Customers: Reach Your Target Market for Free

The most valuable business asset (or personal asset for that matter) is time. Think about it if you had more time in the day how many more projects would you undertake, how many more marketing endeavors would you undertake to get more customers? Now that you know how valuable your time is, use your time wisely- only use it when it reaches your target market.
Avoid generic markets. First figure out who buys your product or service. Clearly many people read the New York Times, but if you have a Jewish online dating site that may not be the best use of your money. Just by your business you can figure out that you need to target your market you would figure out that you need to try your marketing online- this way your call to action (i.e. sign up) can be acted upon much quicker. If you have an offline business an easy to remember phone number would help.

Narrow Your Target. Now that you know you need to go online, find the best sites that target your market- Jewish sites. There are many Jewish sites (including and but you want one where Jewish singles hang out. Shalom Sports probably has Jewish singles but you can refine your target further by looking for sites that target Jewish singles who are looking for dates- like Jewish Dating Review.

Learn about your target. Now that you found Jewish Dating Review that fits your target market perfectly you will want to take steps to get yourself known. Look at the site see what your customers are looking for. Then see how you can peruse the site in your marketing strategy. You can pay for advertising– that will ensure that you reach your audience much better than throwing out money with a broad ad in The New York Times.

How To Get Free Advertising To really grow your business you’ll need to use some ingenuity. Why just pay for advertising when you can get it for free! If you look at Jewish Dating Review you’ll notice that they have a Jewish Dating Links section, where you can post your Jewish dating site information for free. Looking further, you’ll discover Jewish Singles Event Calendar where you can post your Jewish dating event for free. Then you’ll also notice a where you can post comments while referring to your site. Note that most sites with a comment section, including Jewish Dating Review, will remove your comments (or worse ban you from the site) if they see you comments as nothing more than advertising. But if you have constructive feedback or questions the sites will gladly accept you. Further you can contact the site owners to work about other creative ways to reach your site, for example will accept useful, appropriate articles about Jewish dating. Spend the time to write an article giving Jewish dating tips and your efforts will be rewarded.

As you can see targeting a very specific site can lead you to find a wealth of inexpensive ways to get the word out about your site.

Expand your target. Now that you’ve found your “perfect” market and exhausted all possibilities to make more effective use of your site, you can go to less specific sites and target them as well. For Example, Jewish professionals may have the fees to pay for your site and may also be single.

As you can see the more you drill into your specific market the better your chances of results and you won�t waste precious time in the wrong areas.

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