Jewish Dating Insider: Frumsky

Jewish Dating Review has an insider on Frumsky, a free new online dating service run by singles.
1) How many Jewish members do you have?
Right now we are about 1500 members, with new members joining daily. As I write this another member has just signed on.

2) What religious affiliations do you cater to? (i.e. orthodox, reform,
Chasidic) is meant to provide a way for observant Jewish guys and gals to meet. That being said, focuses on being open to anyone who wants to join provided that they understand the importance of religious observance – specifically central and basic Jewish ritual and tradition such as kashrut, and shabbat. Members are free to identify with a particular stream from a list of common religious affiliations or they can choose not to subscribe to any particular stream and let the details of their profile define them in terms of illustrating their observance.

3) What is your price and trial offer? has no price structure or trial offer. The site is meant as a way to help singles meet. There is no business agenda or any budget at all. It is staffed and run by other singles who want nothing more then to make the project a success. Everyone who joins the site is valued as another member who can help the site if by nothing else then to encourage others to join by helping spread word of the site by telling a few friends.

4) Features offered: chat etc.
The site offers many features you expect to find on typical dating sites, and some that aren’t available anywhere else. Members can search freely through all the profiles on the site, and contact whomever they choose. The site also provides the ability to bookmark your favorite profiles, ANONYMOUSLY request other members to post their photo, link to profiles of you friends to create a social network, and allow friends to be your ‘reference’. The site also provides a complete free chat system, and bulletin board system, as well as canned responses for declining contacts. Additionally, allows members to search by hobby, post listings to find and make friends for activities and numerous other features. has a powerful social networking engine built in which allows you to see if you have any common friends with other members on the site. And if this wasn’t enough we’re actually working on even more features that are being requested. We’ve just added MBTI fields to the profiles to allow members to easily determine the personality type of other members.

5) service type: member contacts the person they’re interested in, matchmaker contacts member if they think there is a match or other?
We actually offer both. Most people contact others directly. However, since the system supports the ability to list references on your profile you can also allow the references to match you with other members on the site. If you enable this feature, it allows your references to make the first contact for you introducing you which you can continue after the member replies. At all times you control this feature and at any time you can disable it by disallowing the reference from introducing you to other members. Alternatively you may see that a person has references listed on their profile and you can contact the reference to determine if you are suitable with another prospective member.

6) What is the age range of your typical members?
The majority of the members on are between 20 and 40, though we have members that are as young as 18 and members that are as old as 71. Our members span the globe aswell. We have members from the U.S., Israel, England, France, Argentina, Germany, and Canada.

7) How many Jewish couples have you matched up?
I am unsure of the details of this. A few members have reported that they’ve become engaged. I should look into this and perhaps and keep track of the specifics. I am aware of many people meeting – some even have crossed the Atlantic Ocean to meet after weeks of messaging back and forth.

8) What makes your service unique? is a quality service. We have a very high satisfaction rate among our members. The site is run by an open accessible staff, not by an anonymous staff or managers. Profiles are posted literally around the clock because we have staff volunteers in the United States and in Israel which serves to help us respond quite quickly. Most photos get posted within an hour of submission – typically within 15 minutes eventhough they are all done by hand. All profiles are reviewed by either myself or another staff member before being activated to ensure only proper profiles are being posted and serious people are allowed access. We are constantly in contact with our members and listening to what they have to say in terms of what they’d like added and how to improve the site. All in all we offer a quality service with what may be the richest set of features with no fees.

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