Top 10 Omer Pickup Lines

The omer may not be a time where we celebrate weddings but there’s no reason you cant get started with Top 10 Omer Pickup Lines:
10. Last night must have been 9, cause tonight you are a ten!

9. I’m not listening to the radio cause baby we could make sweet music on our own

8. I lost count, perhaps reciting your number would jog my memory

7. Do you by any chance find facial hair attractive?

6. Why count with a brocha? Seems to me you’ve been exceedingly blessed

5. If Shavous is considered like a wedding, the omer must be 49 nights of us dating

4 Omer is really all about barley offerings, does buying you a beer count?

3 Forget reciting the wrong day, I look at you, and baby I am down for the count!

2 It must be the Seventh night cause your making me week

1 Wanna go all the way??? I meant counting the omer with a brocha, sicko.

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