What I Learned From Winning The Lottery

Every week, my department puts together an office pool for the lotto. When the jackpot gets large, i jump on the bandwagon. Typically we lose and all our money is a waste. This time we won!!! Fortunately we realized it was a small amount before we collectively walked into the ceo’s office and told him where he can put his lotto ticket.
Now we were stuck with figuring out what to do with our winning. There was much debate via email about what we should do with it. Suggestions included: drink it at happy hour, eat it at a restaurant, save it, invest it, let it ride on the upcoming 200 million lottery drawing. With 13 winners it was hard to track what to do. Before we each got lawyers a co-worker, Avi, came to the rescue. He sent out an email using outlook with a simple yes/no question- should we let it ride or do something else with it.

How’d Avi do it? In Microsoft Outlook, create a new message. Then click on the “options” button. Click on the check box next to “use voting buttons”. Then just wait and tally the results, you will get an email with each reply. There are a also few other usefull choices in options like getting a receipt when your mail is read, so look around.

As for the results of the poll: Let it ride!

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