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Jew Central has started a Jewish Dating Center which consolidates our links to Jewish dating sites, articles about Jewish dating and Forum topics related to Jewish dating.

To make this section even better, rate Jewish sites you like (or don’t like). Also please comment on our Jewish dating suggestion forum or contact us with your Jewish Dating suggestions.

Check back often as we will be adding lots of new features and Jewish dating services.

JewCentral is launching Jewish Dating Review catering specifically to rating and reviewing jewish dating services. We will find out the inside scoop on Jewish Dating Services including:
1) Number of jewish members? Percentage of all members?
2) religious affiliation ie orthodox, reform, chasidic
3) Price/Free offer
4) Features offered: chat etc. which features do you look for
5) service type: you contact the person you’re interested in/matchmaker contacts you if they think there is a match
6) What makes the service unique?
We will feature many of the classic jewish dating articles that you see on Jew Central and add much more exclusive and dating specific articles. Check back for more humor from Martin Bodek and more exploits by Sarah J. Pollack in her “Single in the City” column. We will also open forums and allow private messages to allow for member interaction.

You can see a preview of the site here.

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