How Does Speed Dating Work

Speed dating is one of the freshest dating movements in the United States and United Kingdom and continues to spread quickly to the rest of the world. It draws so many people because of its exciting, fast and no pressure way to meet other singles.

At one event, you will come into contact with a number of people and participate in quick one-on-one conversations. This process eliminates the stress of going out, finding someone attractive and working up the courage to break the ice. There are no long, expensive dinners or blind dates without chemistry. The people at these events are there simply because they are serious about finding the right person to date.

Speed dating can vary at each individual event as far as the number of participants and the amount of time you are allowed to ‘date’, but the general idea is the same for all of them. You need to find an upcoming meeting in your area and register in advance. The registration helps the coordinators assure the ratio of men to women attending are the same. First, an equal group of single men and women gather together at a predestined location. Most of the time the gathering room is filled with ‘tables for two’ and each table is marked with a letter or number. You are then paired up with your first ‘date’ and normally allowed between 3 to 8 minutes to get to ask each other questions. At the end of this time, you move on to your next ‘date’ and begin again. If you would like to see more of one of your ‘dates’, you have a dating card to either check a box or write down a name of the person that you would like to see again. Sometimes you can even log onto a web site after the event and enter the names of those you wish to have a second date with. Whenever two individuals ‘match up’ after submitting this information, contact information is provided to both so that a second meeting can be set up.

While this process might sound intimidating, most people who have braved one event find that it is not that bad and can even be an efficient way of meeting new people. The trick is to try to connect or relate to each other as speedily as possible. The concept is very simple with speed dating. Showing up with a prepared list of original questions that mean something to you is probably a good idea and can help as an indicator as to whom you might want to see again. You’ve got nothing to loose by registering, preparing some questions and showing up with an open mind. Try to enjoy yourself and have fun with your speed dates!

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